Western BBQ Cooking Chunks, Hickory

100% natural. Sweet & strong., 570 cu in (9.34 cubic dm)., Premium BBQ products. Use with or instead of charcoal., Cooking over hickory is as old as barbeque itself. Steeped in tradition, it is still one of the most popular flavors around. A very recognizable smoke, hickory is commonly identified with pork products such as bacon, sausage, and pork shoulder. However, it also pairs well with chicken and beef. Hickory has a strong aroma that is not too bold and slightly sweet, Try mixing it with Apple or cherry wood to create your own flavor combination., Heat Treated: All of our wood is heat treated to a minimum interior temperature of 71 degrees C for at least 75 minutes. Heat treatment eliminates pests and prevents mold. For more information visit: www.westernbbqproducts.com/heat-treated.html. Use of this product and other solid fuels may be restricted at times by law. Please check 1-877-4No-Burn or www.8774Noburn.org before burning 100% satisfaction guaranteed! W W Wood, Inc. distributes the world's finest smoking wood products. We stand behind our products with a complete money back guarantee. www.chunks.westernbbqproducts.com., www.woodinc.com. Made in the USA.