Pic Mosquito Zapper, Portable 1 ea

New! 2-in-1 charge & go zapper with accent light. Attracts & kills mosquitoes on contact! UV-A LED. Mosquito lure. LED light. Micro USB charge. With Pic mosquito octenol lure. 30 Day slow release strip. All features on. UV-A & zapper. Accent light. Product images may differ slightly from product purchased due to continued product enhancements. The Pic Mosquito Octenol Lure is intended for use as an attractant with electronic insect killers (zappers) and mosquito traps of all brands. It is designed to release 1-octen-3-ol, an insect attractant, continuously for 30 days. Zapper or trap effectiveness is increased by luring mosquitoes and biting flies to it. Pic Mosquito Octenol Lure increases the device's effectiveness in killing certain mosquitoes and biting flies. Place into built-in holder. Lure refill replacements sold separately. Standing at 2-1/2 inch tall and 4 inches wide, the Pic Portable Mosquito Zapper is easy to use whether you're home, or away. Just Charge & Go: Camping, fishing, BBQ's, parties and more! Micro USB rechargeable (cord included).