Midwest Gasoline Container, 2 Gallon

Model 2310. 8 oz (7.8 liters). 8 extra ounces for mixing oil. Engineered for safety. Double protection layer. Flame mitigation device + vapor locking spout. Quick-flow spout provide a double layer of protection. Quick-flow spout included. Midwest Can Co. Listing Service State of California State Fire Marshal. American owned. Flame shield safety system. 2x protection inside & out. Engineered for Safety: Every new FlameShield Safety System equipped Midwest Can fuel container is engineered with a special internal flame mitigation device and our vapor locking Quick-Flow spout. This exclusive safety system provides consumers with a double layer of protection from accidental fires that can result when improperly handling and storing gasoline and other flammable liquids (FlameShield Safety System consists of the vapor-locking Quick-Flow Spout plus the internal flame mitigation device. For maximum protection they must be used together as one system. Removing or disabling either prevents the FlameShield Safety System from being effective). Use only parts or accessories made by Midwest Can Company with this fuel can. Parts or accessories from other manufacturers could alter the safety of this product. Midwest Can Company disclaims all liability for injuries caused by use of unauthorized parts or accessories with the product. The FlameShield Safety System provides a double layer of protection! Quick-Flow spout provides up to 2.5x faster flow speed. Gasoline & Fire Never Mix: There is no safe way to start a fire with gasoline. That's why most parents don't do it. Help us let every parent know: StopGasFires.org. Most parents don't mix gas and fire. But every time I see a child seriously burned, I remember there are still people to reach. - Tom Hufford, Board member, Fire Marshals, Association of Oklahoma. Midwest Can with Quick-Flow Spout: 1 year warranty; child resistant features; self venting; automatically stops flow; no more spills; for use with spout model no. 4240. Emission Control Information: This container complies with the US EPA emission regulations for portable fuel containers (40 CFR PART 59). The emission warranty is valid for a minimum of one year from date of purchase. Classified to ANSI/ASTM F852-08. For help and safety video. Scan or visit us online at www.midwestcan.com. Made in USA.