Sta Bil Ethanol Treatment & Stabilizer, 360 Degrees Protection

Americas no. 1. Engineered for year round protection. Ultimate protection against damaging effects of ethanol; Can be used with ethanol and non-ethanol fuels; Designed for all engine types. Official ethanol treatment of Brigg & Stratton. Worlds largest manufacturer of small engines for outdoor power equipment. Prevents corrosion; Prevents ethanol damage; Treats up to 50 gallons. OEM recommended. Use in fresh fuel at every fill up. Effective in gasoline and all ethanol blends. Helps increase power and fuel effciency. Stabilizes fuel for up to 12 months. Product does not contain alcohol. Do not air ship. Fill the can. Treat the fuel. Satisfaction Guaranteed: If not satisfied, mail sales receipt to us & your purchase price will be refunded. Made in USA.