Feit Electric Light Bulbs 2 ea

2 Par38 bulbs. Non-dimmable. 75w replacement uses only 10.5w. Life: 10 years (Based on 3 hrs/day); 11,000 hrs. $156 approximate energy saving per pack (energy savings are estimated based on the performance specifications for these two LEDs for their rated life of 11,000 hours at 11 cents kWh compared to using two 75 watt incandescent lamps for 11,000 hours. Savings will depend on actual use and electricity rates). Weatherproof: Indoor; outdoor. Brightness: 750 lumens. Estimated Energy Cost: $1.25 per year. The performance specifications (lumens, watts, life and CCT) printed on this product package should only be considered an approximation of expected performance. Will work on a dimmer switch at full brightness only. Performance may vary. ETL listed - Intertek. www.feit.com. RoHS Compliant: Better for the environment. Made in China.