Purafilter 2000 Air Filter, Merv 8, 14 X 25 X 1 1 Ea

For a healthier home. Powered by Intrepid Filtration Media. 2. Two-piece bonded industrial strength die-cut construction. 3. Commercial/industrial specifications of pleats per Purafilter 2000. Lasts 3 months; Provides premium filtering performance by combining the unique radial pleat design with the extended number of pleats on each Purafilter 2000. Lower your energy costs; Better performing Merv 7 filtration media means cleaner and more efficient overall performance by your air conditioning and furnace systems. A free reminder service; There's no need to remember to change your Purafilter 2000 - we'll gladly remind you! sign up today for this free service, another example of our commitment to superior customer service and product quality. Superior Performance; Purafilter 2000's long-lasting, money-saving and energy-conserving design combined with outstanding product and customer service ensures the best performing pleated air filter available. Purafilter 2000 is the best-built, best-performing air filter in its class compared to other Merv 6 and Merv 7 air filters. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.