Oxi Clean Laundry Detergent, High Def Clean, Sparkling Fresh 60 fl oz

OxiClean High Def Sparkling Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent delivers a brilliant clean. This detergent uses three color-safe OxiClean stain fighters to power away tough dirt, dissolve persistent odors and break down set-in stains. It’s tough on stains but not on your fabrics. Use it on all of your laundry as it reveals vibrant colors, restores radiant whites, and removes dried-on stains with an invigorating fragrance of flowers and citrus. It’s a high def clean that works in both standard and high efficiency (HE) washing machines. Include one 60 oz. bottle of OxiClean High Def Sparkling Fresh Liquid Laundry Detergent. OxiClean offers a wide array of products to fit all your stain removal needs. The OxiClean family has grown to include stain removers, pretreaters, laundry detergent, and much more!