Tide® Plus Bleach Alternative Original Laundry Detergent 10 fl. oz. Plastic Jug

Tide Plus Bleach Alternative liquid laundry detergent delivers the amazing clean you expect from Tide and helps your fabrics look brighter and whiter after just one wash.* It allows you to look bright in your whites while also protecting your colors, thanks to even more cleaning ingredients that revive dingy fabrics and prevent the dirty wash water from soaking back into them. As part of the Tide Plus Collection, Tide Plus Bleach Alternative laundry detergent gives you the amazing Tide clean you expect plus more of what you love! *vs previous formula Now whiter and brighter fabrics after one wash!* *vs previous formula This laundry detergent is part of the Tide Plus Collection Tide detergent designed for high efficiency washers; Look bright in your whites after just one wash! Original Scent Tide laundry detergent