Soften fabrics naturally. Separates clothes for faster drying. Reduces static cling and lint. Made from non-toxic materials. Hypoallergenic. Save Money: More affordable alternative to disposable fabric softeners. Save on electricity and reduce cycles at the laundromat. Save Energy: Save electricity by reducing drying time and energy consumption for each load. Save Time: Faster drying cycles mean less time doing laundry and more time for you. Evercare Reusable Dryer Balls work hard to soften clothes, reduce static and lint, and shorten drying time for your laundry. Simply place two balls in your dryer and watch how they tumble and agitate your clothes to help open airflow and improve circulation of warm air through your laundry. The rubber spikes massage your clothes in the dryer - naturally softening your clothes and removing unwanted lint. Ask the Clothing Care Experts: 800-435-6223. Made in China.