Bounce Bounce Mega Dryer Sheets, Fresh Breeze, 60 Count 60 ct

One dryer sheet is all you need when you use Bounce Fresh Breeze Mega Dryer Sheets. With 5-in-1 benefits, including static control, wrinkle reduction, extra softness, lasting scent, and lint fighting, you get everything you want all from a single sheet. Bounce Mega Sheets equals the power of three regular sheets, meaning you use less every load. Just toss one and you're done! Get laundry that comes out less clingy with 3X more static-fighting ingredients compared to regular sheets.* Enjoy a fresh breeze scent that smells great from the dryer and lasts until you pull it from your drawer. Just toss it in the dryer to Bounce out wrinkles and static all while adding long lasting freshness and extra softness!*vs. Bounce Base dryer sheets