Sparkle Paper Towels, Big Rolls, Pick-a-Size, Hint of Color, 2-Ply

6 rolls. 95 2-ply sheets per roll. 304.7 sq ft (28.3 sq m). 11 in x 7 in (27.9 cm X 17.7 cm). With thirst pockets. 6 big rolls = 8 regular rolls (when compared to the square footage of a Sparkle regular roll). Making it bright. Be clean enough to be healthy and messy enough to be happy! Sparkle 2-ply paper towels with thirst pockets are all you need in a paper towel. They've got the absorbency, durability, versatility, yada yada yada that make them just right for big and small jobs. They're extra good at wiping surfaces to a streak-free shine (when used with a streak-free cleaner). And they come in just white, hint of color, and spirited prints to brighten up your house. Best of all, they're priced right. So, you won't be wasting money you could spend on something more fun than paper towels. Go to to become a Sparkle paper towel expert. Want to talk? Please have wrapper available. Call toll-free in the continental US, 1-800-2TellGP or 1-800-283-5547. Made in the USA (Makes a difference. Not all towels are you know!)