Northpole Northpole Communicator

Talk every day to Santa & his elves! They talk back. You wont believe your ears! 3+. Est. 1820. Special Hallmark delivery. Northpole is standing by. Talk with Santa and stay connected to the whos and whats of Northpole. With the press of a button and the turn of a knob, you can have conversations with Santa and lots of other friendly friends in Northpole. It's just like you lived there! Call once a day, any day until Christmas, and chat it up. You never know who is going to answer. So get dialing and make a magic connection. Communicating is easy. Keep talking year after year. It's easy to stay connected with Northpole. Just look for a new Communicator Cartridge to update your signal next year. Visit There's lots of fun ways for you and your family to connect with Santa and Northpole. Call any day starting December 1st and get 25 days of cheery conversations. Call year after year. And the year after that. Requires three (3) AAA batteries (included). Please recycle or dispose of batteries properly. Produced in China.