Hunting Soap Scent Eliminator

Big ol' brick of hunting soap. This ain't no squirrel huntin' soap. This is big soap for big game hunting. Double the size of others. It's lethal on odors because getting winded is not an option. Duke Cannon always bags his game. Serious hunters know you can't risk getting winded when tracking a trophy buck. The only option is to go stealth. This Big Brick of Soap has a unique formula that captures odors, smothers them, and prevents their release. It's like a Special Forces combat mission against your scent. Won't dry you out either. Military Specs: The size and shape is inspired by soap used by GIs during the Korean War. Tested by soldiers, hunters, and firemen. Made in the same plant that supplied Korean War troops. A portion of proceeds benefits US veterans. Manufactured in USA. Made in USA not from France.