Meyers Clean Day Hand Lotion, Lavender Scent

Made with shea butter & almond oil. Hardworking homekeeping. Aromatherapeutic household products helping you clean up, refresh and treat yourself nice. Skin care with bright, fresh scents from the garden. Lavender has been valued for years for having a wonderful scent. It is said to relax, soothe & relieve fatigue. All from an herb. We make effective, trusted formulas. Made with: plant derived ingredients; natural essential oils; shea butter; almond oil; aloe vera; glycerin. Made without: paraben & phthalates; formaldehyde; artificial colors. Household Hint: The best tip we have for hand lotion is simple this - use it! Hand spends so much of the day hard at work: typing, driving, cooking, leading little ones across the street. Give them the break they deserve with this moisturizing formula. Product ingredient are at least 97% naturally derived. Learn about our ingredients at Bottle are made with at least 30% post-consumer plastic. Please recycle.