FRISKIES Tasty Treasures Cat Food, Variety Pack, Wet, Adult

Keep a variety of your cat's foods ready for her at mealtime with this Purina Friskies Tasty Treasures wet cat food variety pack. With three different scrumptious recipes in each package, it's easy to keep your curious feline interested in mealtime, and the classic poultry and seafood flavors give her the delicious goodness that she unmistakably loves. The tender, shredded bites offer a palate-pleasing texture - all covered in a savory gravy or sauce sure to have even your finicky feline lick her dish clean. Because each recipe is formulated to deliver 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats, this wet cat food helps support her overall wellness while providing the tastes she loves. Fill her dish with a different variety of this yummy and nutritious Friskies canned cat food at each feeding, and watch as she delights in every delicious bite.