BELLA Savory Soups Dog Food, Chicken, Wet, Adult

Bring big flavor to your small dog's dish with Purina Bella Savory Soups With Chicken and a Blend of Carrots & Spinach in a Classic Stock wet dog food complement. Every mouthwatering bite features real, recognizable ingredients, including chicken and vegetables. This grain-free recipe is crafted without by-products or fillers, so you can trust she's getting only high-quality ingredients in her dish. Intended as a complement to your dog's complete and balanced diet, this recipe offers a delicious way to reward your darling dog for her sweet companionship. Let her savor the stock that makes this complement an enticing between-meal snack, and watch as she nibbles away at the delicate bites, which are just the right size for her small mouth. She gets a delectable mealtime experience in every serving, and you get the peace of mind that comes from giving your dog a complement made with real, recognizable ingredients.