Three Dog Bakery Woofers Treats For Dogs, Oven Baked

Cookies baked with oats and apples. The bakery for dogs. All natural. No added salt. No refined sugar. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Ultra premium quality. We love dogs, and dogs love us. In 1989, three dogs (Sarah, Dottie, & Gracie), two guys, and one 59 cent biscuit cutter joined forces to create Three Dog Bakery - the world's original bakery for dogs. With Three Dog Bakery, our furry friends enjoy oven baked, all-natural foods and treats that look as good as they taste! Dogs everywhere say (or at least think): Yes! to all-natural ingredients; Yes! to premium quality ingredients; Yes! to delicious gourmet treats! Thanks to you, we've grown from a bare-bones tabletop beginning to one of the nation's leading producers of all-natural gourmet treats and foods for dogs. Feel good all rover with our all-natural ingredients! We use only all-natural, wholesome, close to earth ingredients that you can understand and feel good about feeding your dogs. There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in any of our products. Oven baked to pawfection! We know how important it is for you to make the healthiest choice when it comes to the well-being of your dog. Our products are oven baked slowly to release the ingredients' natural flavors and aromas and to work with your dog's digestive system as nature intended. When it comes to premium quality, we hold the pedigree! Three Dog Bakery uses premium quality ingredients, like you would for your family, formulated and packaged for your dog. The exceptional quality of our ingredients creates highly nutritious and palatable products. We Do: Wheat flour; honey; oatmeal; molasses; apples; eggs & We Don't: Add artificial preservatives; add artificial flavors; add fillers; add refined sugars; add salt. For more information on Three Dog Bakery products visit Three Dogs approved. All-natural ingredients for your furry friends. These treats are intended as a snack or reward and are not formulated to serve as a complete and balanced meal. Facebook. Twitter. Our Founding Sisters: Amazing Gracie: Executive V.P., Eating: Her giant heart made it possible for her to triumph over her disabilities and turn what could have been a dog's life into a success worthy of a standing a paws! Dottie: (AKA Spots Galore) Executive V.P., Napping Department: Between naps, she reserved her energy for the job she liked best-taste testing! She could spot a great treat a mile away! Sara Jean: (the Biscuit Queen) Executive V.P., Tummy Rub Division: Quality control was the name of her game and she made sure everyone's tails were in-line at the Three Dog Bakery! Please recycle. Made in USA.