Hartz Flea & Tick Drops, For Dogs & Puppies 3 ea

Hartz® Ultra Guard Pro® Flea & Tick Drops For Dogs And Puppies Weighing 61-150 lbs. For use only on dogs and puppies 12 weeks and older. 3 Monthly treatments. Triple action. Kills: Fleas. Brown dog ticks. Deer ticks. Flea eggs. Prevents flea eggs from hatching. Repels mosquitoes before they bite. Easy to use applicator. Starts killing fleas within 15 minutes. Net contents: Contains 3 tubes, each 0.220 fl. oz. (6.50 ml). EPA Reg. No. 2596-169. EPA Est. No. 2596-OH-1. US Patents 9,433,615. Nylar, MGK® - Registered Trademarks of McLaughlin Gormley King Company. Harts® and other trademarks are trademarks of The Hartz Mountain Corporation. For more information, Call our experts at: 1-800-275-1414.