Zum Countertop Clnr Citrus

Maid by nature. Free of synthetic chemicals. Handmade with pure essential oils. No harsh fumes. Zum Clean 101. Zero, nada, zilch ammonia and bleach. No dyes or synthetic fragrance. No harsh fumes, just the smell of pure essential oils. All-natural ingredients, no tox(icky) stuff. No glycol ethers, aka solvents (they don't solve anything). No sulfates, no phosphates, no fuss. Biodegradable, so it's flushable. www.indigowild.com. Finally, you can table harsh cleaners, keep counters clean and streak-free, and make granite grand with naturally powerful Zum Clean Granite Countertop Cleaner. The best part? Well, its own parts. No VOCs. Zero ammonia. Nada bleach. Zilch strong acids. Just the natural stuff. Now you don't have to clean your counters after you clean your counters or wear nose plugs to dinner. P.S. our bottles, much like bad jokes, are 100% recyclable.