• Size

    18 rl






    51.3 sq m (558 sq ft). 9.9 cm x 10.1 cm (3.92 in x 4 in). 286 2-ply sheet per roll. 18 mega = 72 regular (based on number of sheets of Charmin regular roll). Cleans better, use less (vs. leading bargain brand (USA), vs. bird brand 1-ply (Canada)). Clog safe. Septic safe. Long-lasting roll. 1 mega = 4 regular. Toll Fit Guarantee: If not satisfied with the roll fit of Charmin mega roll, send original receipt, original receipt, original UPC and from completed at www.charmin.com/guarantee within 60 days of purchase for refund. Limited to one redemption per household; no organizations. Refund is the cost of one package of Charmin mega roll toilet tissue, plus $1 for postage. Allow 6-8 weeks for refund. Call 1-855-814-5064 or visit www.charmin.com/guarantee for details. Join the conversation with Charmin and don't forget to enjoy the go! Questions? 1-800-777-1410. www.charmin.com. www.pg.com. Charmin is safe for you sewer or septic system. how2recycle.info. FSC: Mix - Rainforest alliance certified. Good Housekeeping: Since 1909. Quality tested. Limited warranty. ghseal.com for details. Made in the USA from domestic and imported materials.