The SUGARBEE® Apple Story

Most apples need pollen from a different variety of apple to set fruit. This process is called “cross-pollination” and orchardists work hard to ensure compatible varieties are planted near one another so the apples will be juicy and sweet.

One sunny spring day, a honey bee was buzzing throughout Mr. Nystrom’s orchard, collecting nectar and cross-pollinating apple blossoms along the way. The honey bee stopped at an unknown tree and collected nectar and pollen from a blossom.  As the day went on, the little honey bee passed that pollen onto a Honeycrisp tree. Little did this bee know its cross-pollination between a Honeycrisp and an unknown variety had just resulted in the beloved SugarBee® apple we know and enjoy today!

Months later, when apples of every shape and color began to grow, Mr. Nystrom discovered this all new variety of apple in his orchard! It was large and round, with bright red and yellow coloring. He took a bite…. “Yum!” The apple had a crispy firm texture and was unbelievably sugar-sweet. He was thrilled and spread word far and wide of a new delicious apple variety, which he then called B-51, commenting again and again on its sweet and crunchy nature.

Reasor's is now carrying this "Sweet as can BEE" SurgarBee® at all Reasor's locations!  This apple has a nice snap in every bite, it is juicy and full of flavor.  They are SWEET in recipes as well!  We have a limited supply, so get them while you can!