Bader Farms

Like many youngsters growing up in the bootheel region of Southeast Missouri, Bill Bader worked on peach farms each summer. All that picking, grading, packing and peach fuzz got under his skin and in 1986 he bought a 150 acre peach farm near Campbell, MO.  Bader found the Crowley’s Ridge soil fertile with good protection from frost. That good soil and Bader’s hard work have since increased that small farm to over 1,000 acres with nearly 110,000 trees! Bill and his wife, Denise along with their children proudly operate the family farm year round. During the summer months, Bader Farms employs about 110 workers. Picking begins at 6:00am and peaches are brought in from the field, washed, inspected, packed and shipped to the grocer within 24 hours.