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Earn points with every purchase.
Earn points with every purchase.

How does the Reasor's Rewards Points Program work?

For every $50 in qualifying purchases in one single transaction or over multiple transactions excluding tax, at any Reasor's Foods Store you'll earn 3 Reasor's Rewards Points. These points can be used to deduct 1¢ per point off the per gallon price of fuel, up to 20 gallons, on your next fuel purchase at any Oklahoma QuikTrip location or Lil' Reasor's fuel center. You can also earn 5 points per paid prescription at Reasor’s pharmacy. No points will be accumulated for prescriptions paid in part or in full by federal or state government programs. There is no limit to the number of Rewards that you can accumulate, although each reward expires 60 days after it is earned. Your Reasor’s Rewards points stack up until they are redeemed or expire.

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What are the benefits of the Reasor's Rewards Card?

  • Earn Reasor's Rewards Points that can be used toward the purchase of fuel.
  • Earn 5 Reasor's Rewards Points per non-federally funded prescription at Reasor's Pharmacy.
  • Automatic entry into sweepstakes.
  • Special pricing an ad items, Tuesday One Day Deals and Weekend Deals.
  • Access to digital coupons.
  • Top Shopper Incentives.


How do I sign up for the Reasor's Rewards Card?
Print an fill out an application form here, or pick up an application at any Reasor's location. Then return your form to the Reasor's customer service window; at this point you will receive your two Reasor's Rewards Cards linked to one account. That way, another person in your family can earn and redeem points if you choose.Or you can create an account online and make sure you check the box, that states, I don't have a card, please mail me one, and we will mail you your physical cards.


How do I earn my Reasor's Rewards Points?
Present your Reasor's Rewards Card each time you make a purchase at any Reasor's location. Reasor's Rewards Points are earned in $50 accumulations over multiple transactions or in a single transaction before sales tax. Your rewards stack up and there's no limit to how many you can earn. Rewards for both cards linked to your account will accumulate toward the total Rewards which can be redeemed using either card.


What purchases are excluded from the Reasor's Rewards Points Program?
Offer excludes purchases of fuel, purchases from QuikTrip or Lil' Reasor's fuel centers, postage stamps, lottery tickets, car washes, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, Reasor's gift cards, any reloadable cards which include but are not limited to Amazon, Visa, Mastercard or American Express cards, money orders, Western Union, tickets, copy or fax machine service, fund-raising books, returned check service fees and items prohibited by law. Reasor's Rewards Points are calculated after all discounts, coupons, and excluded items have been subtracted from the order. Reasor's Rewards Points are based on the pre-tax total of your purchase.


How do prescriptions from Reasor's Pharmacy earn points?
Each paid prescription will accumulate 5 Reasor's Rewards Points. There is no limit to how many points you can earn from prescriptions. No points will be accumulated for prescriptions paid in part or in full by federal or state government programs. Free antibiotics and free vitamins are not eligible. Points are earned based on number of paid prescriptions instead of the prescription total dollar amount.


How do I check my Reasor's Rewards Points?
Your receipt will show the Reasor's Rewards Points available including your most recent shopping trip. Check your points at reasors.com or by calling 1.800.REASORS (1.800.732.7677).


How long do I have to use my Reasor's Rewards Points?
Your Points will expire after 60 days from the date of the final purchase when they were earned.


Do my purchases that have not accumulated to $50 yet expire?
No, you have unlimited time to accumulate your purchases to $50. After you reach $50 in qualifying purchases before tax, you will receive 3 points. You will then have 60 days to use the points before they expire.


How soon are my points available?
Under normal circumstances points totals are updated within a few minutes for purchases and redemption. However, in the event of technical issues it may take 24 hours or longer to update.



  • Swipe your Reasor's Rewards Card at the dispenser before lifting the nozzle or handle.
  • Follow the prompts.
  • Pumps at QuikTrip will redeem all points if card is swiped, at Lil' Reasor's you will have the option to use them or just check your balance.
  • Select payment option and dispenser will be activated
  • The dispenser will lower the prices for all grades of fuel to redeem the maximum points available.
  • Remove nozzle, select grade, and dispense fuel.


How many Reasor's Rewards Points can be redeemed at one time?
All accrued points will be used once card is swiped and the balance will be reset to zero.


Will my Reasor's Rewards Points be good on any grade of fuel?
Yes. All grades of gasoline and diesel are included.


Can I Cash in my Reasor's Rewards Points?
No. Points have no cash value and they cannot be sold, transferred or combined.


What happens if I forget to swipe my Reasor's Rewards Card?
If you do not have your card available, the cashier can manually find your account using your primary phone number. For this reason is important to keep your phone number and all other information updated at reasors.com. You must present either your card or phone number at time of purchase to accumulate Reasor's Rewards points. Points will not be awarded for past purchases. Your phone number can only be used to look up your account for purchases at a Reasor's Food store. When redeeming points at QuikTrip and Lil' Reasor's you must swipe your card at the pump.


What if I lose my Card or the Magnetic Stripe no longer is readable?
If you lose or damage your card, fill out a new application form. Check the replacement box. Your points will be transferred to your new card. Because the original two cards are linked, you will have to replace both cards should you lose one.


Can multiple card numbers be linked together?
No. Only the two cards issued together will be linked.


What is required of each Reasor's Rewards Card Holder?
Each card member must maintain their personal information. Personal information can be changed at www.reasors.com., 1.800.REASORS or at the customer service window.

If you have additional questions call 1.800.REASORS or go to www.reasors.com and submit your question.

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