Citrus Celebration

The big, wide world of citrus extends far beyond the standard navel orange, lemon, and lime. Many of these varieties are available for very short periods of time once a year, and we are proud to bring several of them in for you to try and add a little added zing to your table. Reach for something new this season and experience citrus varieties full of goodness, in-stores or online now!

Cara Cara Oranges

Cara Cara oranges have a bright orange peel and pink-raspberry colored flesh. Its taste is sweet with undertones of sweet-cherry with a low acid profile.



Blood Oranges

One of the most extraordinary citrus varieties, Blood Oranges are irresistible, their juicy flesh is dep red, with berry flavored undertones.


Kumquats are tiny citrus fruits that taste similar to oranges but are only about the size of olives - though some varieties can grow up to 2" long.


The pummelo is more mild in taste than a grapefruit with less acid, and has a sweeter flesh. It is great when used to make marmalades, jams, or an addition to a delicious salad!

Sumo Citrus

Sumo Citrus is celebrated for its incredible taste and distinct looks. This rare seedless variety was originally cultivated in Japan in the 1970s by a grower who set out to develop the ultimate citrus experience.

Ugli Fruit

The ugli fruit is hybrid of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine. This fruit just goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder...sweet on the inside, but beautifully ugli on the out.