COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 Update as of 07.24.20

Effective Monday, July 27, 2020 Reasor’s will require customers to wear face coverings while in stores.  Employees have been required to wear face coverings while in the stores since April 7, 2020.  For the last several months in dealing with the Corona Virus Pandemic, Reasor’s has consistently followed CDC and local health department guidelines and will continue to do so in making this requirement.  Exceptions to this will be those with a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face covering, and young children.

For those customers who prefer not to wear face coverings, Reasor’s provides online services that include curbside pickup, or having your groceries delivered by Door Dash.  For these services visit reasors.com or download the Reasor’s APP.

COVID-19 Update as of 07.16.20

Since March, Reasor’s has consistently followed CDC and local authority guidelines to maintain a safe work and shopping environment for our employees and customers. Today the City of Tulsa has passed an ordinance requiring Tulsa citizens to wear a face covering in public settings. Effective today, July 16 2020, we ask that all customers wear a face covering inside our 71st & Sheridan, 41st & Yale, 41st & Garnett, 21st & Yale, 41st & Peoria, and 15th & Lewis stores.

If you forget a face covering, one will be available at the door, as well as packaged face coverings for sale.
Additionally, we are taking measures to help ensure your health and safety while inside our stores.

  • Requiring all employees and vendors to wear face coverings
  • Checking all employees temperatures prior to the start of their shift
  • Increased frequency of sanitizing high contact surface areas
  • Social Distancing signs throughout the store and at the checkout lines
  • Contactless credit card checkout

If you prefer not to wear a mask, you can shop online or by downloading the Reasor’s App. You have the option to pick up your order curbside at your favorite location, or choose to have a Reasor’s employee shop your order for you and have it delivered by Door Dash.

Expanding Store Hours

Starting today, Wednesday, May 20th all Reasor’s locations will be expanding their store hours to 7 am until 11 pm daily, with the exception of the 15th and Lewis store, where it will remain open 24 hours.

Now that inventory levels are beginning to return to normal, days are getting longer due to daylight savings time and that phase two of the Governor’s plan to re-open our state is in effect, we will extend our hours, giving our customers an additional two hours to shop. In addition to the store hours, the service counters are now back up and running and will remain open until 9 pm daily. The 7 am to 8 am timeframe will still be reserved for those individuals with a compromised immune system and for our at risk shoppers.

“Thank you for your patience over the past several weeks while we’ve operated under reduced hours," said Jeff Reasor, Reasor’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. "Now that our store traffic has leveled out a bit, we will still be able to clean and sanitize the stores while still giving our customers more opportunities to shop at their convenience."


COVID-19 Update as of 05.18.20

  • Reasor’s Temporary Emergency Appreciation Pay-
    • Will be extended through June 16, 2020
    • Emergency Appreciation Pay is an additional $2.00 per hour to your rate of pay for all hourly store employees.
  • Suspended Employee Attendance Policy-
    • Will be extended through June 16, 2020
    • Reasor’s primary concern is to ensure the safety and health of our employees and customers. Suspending the Employee Attendance Policy is to enable and encourage employees who don’t feel well to stay home. Please continue to notify your supervisor, as usual, to let them know you will not be coming in to work. To be paid for this time off, you may use your regular paid time-off options.

COVID-19 Update as of 04.16.2020

Our employees and customer’s safety is our primary concern. Here are the steps we have been taking and continue to take.

  • Continually reminding our employees to remain home if they do not feel well.
  • Encourage frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing practices throughout each department.
  • We have now begun taking the temperature of our employees with a contactless infrared thermometer before their shift starts. This is to ensure that no one is reporting to work with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher.
  • Providing all employees with either a face mask or face shield. Face shields have begun to arrive from Professional Image Packaging, a local company.
  • Employees can wear their own cloth face mask, bandana, or a Reasor’s provided cloth face mask from Tallgrass Tailor, a local company.

Reasor’s Temporary Emergency Appreciation Pay

  • Will be extended through May 19, 2020.
  • Temporary Emergency Appreciation Pay is an additional $2.00 per hour for all hourly store employees.

Employee Attendance Policy

  • We will extend the suspension of our attendance policy through May 19, 2020.
  • This is to enable and encourage employees who don’t feel well to stay home.
  • To be paid for this time off, employees may use their regular paid time-off options.

To our valued customers, we want to thank you for doing your part! We appreciate your continued patience and assistance in helping slow the spread of the coronavirus. Thank you for:

  • Washing or sanitizing your hands before visiting our stores.
  • Following our one way entrances and exits.
  • Following the directional aisles signs.
  • Following the CDC guidelines of wearing a mask while in public.
  • Practicing social distancing and following the instructions on signs throughout our store, and in the checkout lanes.
  • Reasor's is asking customers to designate only one person per family to visit the store and to avoid shopping in groups. We are strongly encouraging a "one person per cart" rule. The one exception being, single parents who must bring minor children with them to the store.

COVID-19 Update as of 04.07.2020

Reasor's Announces Updated Protocol for Customers and Employees in Battle with Coronavirus

Jeff Reasor stated, "In an ever-changing landscape of information and suggestions surrounding the Coronavirus, Reasor's wishes to continue to maintain its position as Northeast Oklahoma's leading supermarket chain.  With that, comes the responsibility to inform our customers and the public at large as to the best up to date practices and safety as current information from the Tulsa and Oklahoma State Health Departments to the Centers for Disease Control can provide. That being said Oklahoma, here's how we all can help."

Handwashing and Social Distancing:

  • The first line of defense is handwashing. Reasor's has been under enhanced hand washing and hand sanitizer use since the first week of March. Please help us be part of the solution and protect your friends, neighbors, and our employees by washing your hands before entering the store.
  • Reasor's is separating our entrances and exits to ensure the 6-foot social distancing guidelines.
  • We have placed directional signage in our aisles to ensure one-way traffic, providing our customers the ability to practice social distancing.
  • Reasor's is asking customers to designate only one person per family to visit the store and to avoid shopping in groups. We are strongly encouraging a "one person per cart" rule. The one exception being, single parents who must bring minor children with them to the store.

Face Masks:

  • In compliance with CDC guidelines, we are asking customers to wear face masks while shopping our stores.
  • Effective Immediately, employees will be required to wear face masks.
  • We have been able to supply our employees with disposable face masks. Additionally, we are now working with Tall Grass Tailor to supply our employees with re-usable cloth face masks and Professional Image Packaging to supply face shields to our employees.


  • Over the last two weeks, we have hired over 150 new employees. We are working with foodservice organizations to send their furloughed workers to us for employment.  To help with this, we have expedited our hiring process to enable us to put a new employee to work, some as soon as the same day they apply.

Online Shopping:

  • Many regular and first time users are asking whether our online shopping service is working properly. Our Online system is working, but is simply overwhelmed by the number of orders.  Most of our new hires are working as Temporary Online Personal Shoppers.  These additional personal shoppers, and technological enhancements is allowing us to open more timeslots per hour for shopping.  Just last week, as personal shoppers were hired and trained, we opened up over 3,000 more timeslots.
  • Our online partner SHIPT is available for those unable to come to the store and needing home delivery.

Reasor concluded, "I hope this brief outline will help others to see what we feel as a Company is important and that you will join us in the fight. Over 2,000 plus brave Reasor's Employees are fighting the good fight…. Will you help us?"

COVID-19 Update as of 04.02.2020

 Within the next two to three weeks, as soon as supplies allow, Reasor’s will be supplying masks and gloves to those employees who would like to wear them. Please note, the CDC currently does not recommend well individuals wear masks. We are monitoring the CDC’s recommendations daily and will update our policies as necessary. Additionally, we will begin as soon as possible to use infrared non-contact touch-less thermometers to check the temperature of employees before they start their shift each day. Any employee with a temperature above 100 degrees will be sent home and advised to seek medical attention.

We are in the process of placing one-way directional signs on the floors of our aisles to aid in the social distancing practices.

Regarding our online shopping process, we have added over 3,000 curbside pick-up times slots. To accomplish this, we have hired over 100 people, including those who have been displaced, and continue to aggressively hire throughout the stores. We will continue to add new time slots and are encouraging customers who do not see an available time slot, to please check back as time slots will continue to open. If you cannot make it to one of our stores, our business partner SHIPT, will shop our store for you and deliver to your home. Please visit www.shipt.com for SHIPT delivery options.

Frequently Asked Questions updated 03.23.2020

Is Reasor’s planning to stay open?
We are committed to remaining open so we can continue to serve the community and ensure a healthy shopping environment. However, beginning March 25, 2020, we will be changing our hours of operation to allow our associates to restock shelves and sanitize stores while maintaining social distancing.

Store hours at all locations are temporarily modified to be open between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. daily.
An exception to this will be our store located at 15th and Lewis in Tulsa.  This store will remain open 24 hours a day, so we will be able to support the large number of health care professionals who rely on this location.

We are respectfully requesting customers to reserve the 7:00 am – 8:00 am shopping time each day for those shoppers who are at a higher risk of severe illness, which includes older adults (60+), individuals who have compromised immune systems and expectant mothers.

When are you getting more products in?
There is plenty of food in our country.  The pipeline, due to extremely high volume, is having problems keeping up with demand.  We are receiving products daily and stocking shelves around the clock.

Why has Reasor’s put limits on products?
We have put limits on high demand items throughout our store.  We ask all customers to be respectful of these limits.

Is Reasor’s accepting returns or exchanges at this time?
In light of the numerous unknowns surrounding the transmission of the Coronavirus and its ability to survive on inorganic surfaces, we cannot ensure the safety of items which have left our store, and are therefore unable to accept any returns or exchanges at this time. We appreciate your understanding as we work to maintain a safe environment for both our customers and employees.

Is the fresh produce safe to eat?
COVID-19 is not believed to be foodborne, but Reasor’s recommends practicing personal hygiene and general food safety, including washing produce before eating it.

Is Reasor’s still offering its full and self-service options?
No. In accordance with Health Department directive, Reasor’s has discontinued food service, including the salad bar and hot soup. We have also closed all seating location’s in our stores and our full service meat and seafood counters due to product availability.  We apologize for the inconvenience.

Is Reasor’s still offering prepared foods?
Yes.  Prepared and packaged foods are still available in our fresh food departments to-go.

Will Reasor’s continue to have food and beverage sampling in the store?
Out of an abundance of caution, we have discontinued food and beverage sampling for the time being.

What is Reasor’s doing to help make sure their areas are clean and sanitized?
In addition to our regular cleaning procedures, we have increased the frequency of sanitizing all areas. We are cleaning commonly used high-traffic areas more often, including cashier stations, credit card pin pads, conveyor belts, and food service counters. We are also sanitizing and restocking our restrooms more frequently, and ensuring disinfectant wipes are available at the front of the store to clean carts. We have placed additional hand sanitizing stations in the stores. We have designated early morning and late night cleaning and sanitizing shifts as well.

Is Reasor’s having sick employees go home?
Reasor’s is asking all employees to closely monitor their health and well-being, and to go home and stay home if they are not feeling well. In addition, all employees have been given information regarding the COVID-19 guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

What is Reasor’s doing for employees during this time for their hard work and dedication to the community and our customer’s?
As you have seen in our stores or when picking up your order curbside, our employees are performing in an exceptional manner to support our customers. We believe we have the best employees in the industry, and they are proving that in these challenging times.  To help show our appreciation we are implementing a Temporary State of Emergency Appreciation Pay of an additional $2.00 per hour to the rate of pay for all hourly store employees retroactively effective March 11, 2020 thru April 21, 2020.

How is Reasor’s handling the influx of online orders?
We appreciate your patience as our volume of online shopping has increased tremendously.  To streamline the process, we are working on the following initiatives to better serve you:

  • Hiring additional personal shoppers so more orders may be received and shopped each day.
  • Placing more technology capabilities in the hands of the personal shoppers to enhance the efficiency of the shopping process.
  • Eliminating the pickup fee, while requiring the minimum order to be at least $30.
  • These changes will allow us to increase the daily available time slots.
  • Please check daily for available time slots for pickup.