Deli Express Chicken Salad Sandwich Recall – 10/02/2019

E. A. Sween company announced the recall of multiple products due to possible contamination of Listeria monocytogenes.

The Deli Express Chicken Salad Sandwich is the only affected product(s) sold at some Reasor’s Deli locations.

Affected Product(s):


UPC Description Lot Code(s)
04143302458 Deli Express Chicken Salad Sandwich 7.8 OZ 1U9071, 1U9080, 1U9087, 2WW9094, 2WW9095, 2WW9116, 2WW9122, 2WW9143, 2WW9144, 2WW9151, 2WW9155, 2WW9157, 2WW9163, 2WW9164, 2WW9178, 2WW9179, 2WW9184, 2WW9186, 2WW9214, 2WW9219, 2WW9220, 2WW9227, 2WW9234, 2WW9248, 2WW9253, 2WW9254, 2WW9260, 2WW9261, 2WW9266, 2WW9268


You may return any affected product to Reasor’s for a full refund.

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