First of the Season Wild Caught Halibut is Here!

Whether you love seafood, are trying to make healthy eating choices or just in the mood for something different for a change, Wild Caught Halibut is just for you!  Long-line fished in the icy cold waters of Alaska, this fish is the first of the season and is the freshest of the fresh.  Halibut is known for its versatility in cooking, from grilling to stews and soups, so finding a delicious recipe is a breeze!  And for the health conscious, halibut is high in protein and Omega 3’s, low in calories, fat and sodium, so it is perfect to add regularly to a well-balanced diet.



Try these delicious, Chef Michael approved recipes:


Broiled Alaska Halibut Steamed     Halibut with Green Olives and Lemon Quinoa   Grilled Halibut Tacos