Reason for recall: Absence of the required warning statement “Ask a doctor before use if you are on a magnesium-retricted diet”

Product(s) Affected:

UPCDescriptionLot Code(s)
30088117112Gaviscon Liquid 12 OZLot #: 8H21C1 Expiry: 7/31/2020 Lot #: 9B25C1 Expiry: 1/31/2021 Lot #: 9D02C1 Expiry: 2/28/2021 Lot #: 9G01C1 Expiry: 5/31/2021
30088117312Gaviscon Extra Strength LIQ 12 OZLot #: 8J04C1 Expiry: 7/31/2020 Lot #: 8L05C1 Expiry: 9/30/2020 Lot #: 8L13C1 Expiry: 10/31/2020


PLEASE return to products to any Reasor’s for a full refund or replacement.