Nestle Outshine Frozen Fruit Bars – 03/10/2020

In response to a voluntary recall by Nestle, Reasor’s has removed the following product from it’s shelves due to the fact it may contain white plastc.

UPC Description Lot Code(s)
04154861004 OUTSHINE STRAWBERRY BR 6 CT 9248580402
04154875095 OUTSHINE PINEAPPLE BR 6 CT 9249580402, 9250580402, 9251580402, 9252580402, 9253580402, 9254580402, 9255580402


Lot Codes can be found on the bottom of the box.

This recall was issued following consumer reports to the company. There have been no reports of injury or illness associated with this issue.

Customers may return the affected product to any Reasor’s for a full refund.