RxBar Recall – 01/15/19

Out of an abundance of caution, RX Bar is recalling certain bars that may have been contaminated with trace amount of peanuts that is not mentioned on the list of ingredients.

Product(s) Affected:

UPCDescriptionLot Code(s)
85777700423RXBAR CHOC SEA SLT 1.83 OZBB Dates: 03/04/2019 thru 09/11/2019, 10/11/2019
85777700469RXBAR CHOC CHIP 1.83 OZBB Dates: 03/24/2019 thru 05/14/2019, 07/11/2019 thru 09/08/2019, 09/30/2019 thru 10/01/2019
85777700419RXBAR BLUEBERRY 1.83 OZBB Dates: 03/21/2019 thru 05/21/2019, 07/07/2019 thru 09/29/2019


No other RX Bar flavors are affected by the recall.

You may return the affected products to your nearest Reasor’s location for a full refund.