Scissortail Farms

At Reasor's® we pride ourselves on innovation in all aspects of produce. That's why we are proud to introduce you to the newest addition to our growing family, Scissortail Farms. Scissortail Farms is a new local aeroponic/hydroponic farming facility in West Tulsa that grows lettuce, herbs and other leafy greens. Local growing is often limited by the weather, soil, and the seasons. This often affects retailer's capability to supply local produce to their consumers. Often causing the retailer to import from greater distances, and even in some instances importing none domestic products. Scissortail Farms has engineered their own stable growing environment using a commercialized green house, eliminating the need for such long distance transportation. The practices and procedures Scissortail Farms have in place help facilitate maximization of positive results in the areas of economics and health. While minimizing the negative effects of production, packaging and transportation on the environment.

Growing Practices and Procedures

Aeroponics is a style of Hydroponics that utilizes mist to supply the plant food rather than a thin film or a pool of water. This particular method of Hydroponics maximizes oxygen delivery to the root zones, optimizing growth, and minimizing water consumption. This particular growing method does not involve soil, in turn minimizing the need for organic pest control methods and eliminating the use of traditional fertilizers such as animal manure, which has been identified as a source of E. Coli. A food safety program was designed and implemented to insure all produce and materials can be traced from their origin, through the production cycle, and their eventual destination. This program is tested and reviewed for accuracy and verification.