Reasor’s Through the Years

Larry Reasor opened the original Tahlequah location, Red Bud Food Center. This independent grocery store set the standard at the time, as we were the first independent grocer to have an in-store pharmacy in the state of Oklahoma.
Red Bud Food Center opened it’s second Tahlequah location and changed the name to Reasor’s.
Reasor’s expanded to add locations in Stilwell and Sapulpa, Oklahoma
Reasor’s acquired new Miami, Oklahoma location.
Reasor’s expanded to Langley, Oklahoma.
The original Reasor’s location in Stilwell was closed and a new & improved location was opened right across town.
Reasor’s opened a new location in Bristow, Oklahoma.
Increased our technology within all locations to begin using UPC’s & barcodes.
Reasor’s opened the original Owasso location.
The location in Stilwell was sold. A Reasor’s location was opened in Chouteau, Oklahoma.
Reasor’s opened up the original store in Jenks, a suburb outside of Tulsa, as well as a location at Town West. We also closed the original Owasso store and opened up the current  Owasso South store on 86th Street North.
Reasor’s began the exclusive partnership with the Certified Angus Beef brand in an effort to provide our customers with an elite brand of beef. We also closed the Original Red Bud Food Store in Tahlequah, Oklahoma and sold the Bristow Oklahoma location.
Reasor’s opened a location in Bartlesville Oklahoma.
The original Sapulpa & Jenks locations were closed. The Sapulpa store relocated to it’s current location, the location in Jenks grew to a new larger facility.
Reasor’s began offering an employee incentive package with incentives and benefits.
Reasor’s made many operational improvements this year, closing the 2nd Tahlequah location, along with the Miami, Town West & Chouteau locations. The current Tahlequah location was also opened this year.
A new location at 41st & Garnett in Tulsa was opened. The Bartlesville location was also sold this year.
The first Reasor’s location in Broken Arrow was opened at 71st & Lynn Lane. This new location was also the first to offer self-checkout kiosks to Reasor’s customers.
Reasor’s purchased the Claremore, 71st & Sheridan, BA South, Mingo, 41st & Yale and Admiral locations. The Admiral location was closed a short time after purchase. Reasor’s became the first retailer in the world to start carrying the Certified Angus Beef brand Prime for the service counters.
Reasor’s launched a new state-of-the-art website, Reasors.com.
A new store was opened near the Tulsa County Fairgrounds at 21st & Yale. The recently obtained Mingo location was closed.
Launched online shopping in the Tahlequah store. Customers could order groceries online and pick up in parcel pick up.
Owner and Founder Larry Reasor passed away, leaving his legacy to his son, current Reasor’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Reasor. Reasor’s initiated new gift card program, taking the place of previously issuing gift certificates.
Reasor’s built a new store in Catoosa, which included the first Lil’ Reasor’s gas station location.
Reasor’s began offering their customers the opportunity to build their shopping list online, directly from Reasors.com. At this time, Reasor’s also began offering their customers the option of receiving the weekly ad directly to their email address.
Several new advances occurred, Reasor’s acquired a new store at 15th & Lewis, also including a Lil’ Reasor’s location. A new location in Owasso was opened to accommodate those living on the North side of the fast-growing suburb. An employee milestone was reached with Reasor’s becoming an Employee-Owned grocery store, the only of it’s kind in Northeastern Oklahoma.
Reasor’s made reusable grocery bags available at all stores. Reasor’s launched online shopping in all stores.
The Jenks location was closed to make way for a new enhanced location right next door. This location featured a Red Bud Cafè, the first of it’s kind for the Reasor’s brand. This wasn’t the only first this year for Reasor’s, it was the year we first launched our social media marketing, as well as the first year for our long-term partnership with the Susan G. Komen foundation. During this year Reasor’s also fully equipped every store with a pharmacy to add convenience for our customers.
This is the year Reasor’s launched their own private-label brand, Redbud Farms. Also, through a partnership with CFC Reasor’s attained the ability to store and ship produce items from one facility, enabling us to bring cost savings to our customers.
Supermarket News ranked Reasor’s #34 on their list of the Top 50 Small Chain grocers. Reasor’s partnered with the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma to initiate the Recycle Hope program in Reasor’s stores. This program made it possible for customers to pass along their $0.06 savings they received for bringing in reusable bags on to the Food Bank. Reasor’s also began offering delivery service to select locations.
Reasor’s opened a new flag-ship property in Bixby Oklahoma offering the first full-time in-store dietitian. A new store was also opened in Sand Springs. We launched NuVal, a nutritional scoring system that allows our customers to see the nutritional value of items on our shelves at a glance. Reasor’s also launched a new store loyalty card program Reasor’s Rewards. A partnership with the local QuikTrip Corporation allowed us to begin offering fuel discounts to our customers. The loyalty card also made it possible for us to offer e-coupons through our new partnership with SavingsStar. A new retail support center was opened in Tulsa, Oklahoma to be able to provide better support from a central location to all 17 stores. Select stores received a Caroline’s Cart, a grocery cart made for special needs children.
Supermarket News ranked Reasor’s #25 on its Top 50 Small Chains and Independents in the U.S. Mid-year, Reasor’s acquired three Food Pyramid Locations in the Tulsa Metro Area 51st & Harvard, 71st & Garnett and 41st & Peoria. The acquisition of these locations brings the Reasor’s store count to 20 locations throughout northeastern Oklahoma. New partnerships with Savings Star and Ibotta enabled Reasor’s to begin a digital coupon era.
In January, Reasor’s launched over 3,000 new private brands, some of them include Shurfine, Tippy Toes, and Full Circle. In October, the recently opened 71st & Garnett store was closed. Our 71st and Lynn Lane store was remodeled in November with all new exterior, a drive-thru Pharmacy window, dry-aged beef, a cheese carving station, and more.
In August, Reasor’s opened a new store in the Brookside area of Tulsa, complete with a restaurant, fireplace, and 6 ft. chandelier. In September, The 15th & Lewis location was completely remodeled. In October, the Owasso North location was remodeled. National Center for Employee Ownership announced that Reasor’s is the second largest majority employee owned company in Oklahoma and the 45th in the United States.
In January, Reasor’s launches brand re-design, featuring new logo. Mid-year, the Best Choice label was brought back to Reasor’s due to popular demand. In July, the 41st & Yale location was completely remodeled to reflect the new logo and color palette. In November 2016 state law question 792 passed allowing grocery stores to sell high point beer and wine. This new law will go into effect on October 1, 2018.
In April, the recently opened 51st and Harvard store was closed. In July, Reasor’s launched a new website that was responsive design and it came with an updated online shopping website. In August, Reasor’s launched an IOS and Android app in the app store.
In September, Reasor’s partnered with Shipt to offer same-day grocery delivery from stores in Tulsa in as soon as one hour. By ordering through the Shipt app, members can save time week after week without missing out on the Reasor’s products they love.
In July, the Reasor’s RX App became available for download on iOS and Android which helps customers manage their prescriptions at the touch of a finger, as well as receive text alerts when their refills are due, and when prescriptions are ready to be picked up.  In mid July, Reasor’s launched Digital Coupons.  Everyone with a Reasor’s Rewards can use the app or go on the website to select digital coupons to be used the next time they use their Rewards Card in store or online. On September 28th, Reasor’s won Retailer of the Year and No. 3 Sales Volume for Small Chain Retailer from the Certified Angus Beef conference. On October 1, Reasor’s customers were able to purchase high point beer and wine for the first time in the states history. In November, the Claremore Reasor’s started a remodel of the store. December 13th, Online Shopping and Curbside pick up was extended to include all Reasor’s locations, which included Langley, 41st and Garnett and Sapulpa stores.
In February we announced the closing of the store at 101st and Elm in Broken Arrow. On March 26, we launched Shipt delivery service for the Tahlequah area residents.
Reasor’s recognized as a Certified Angus Beef® brand quality leader at the 2019 Certified Angus Beef® Annual Conference. Completed a remodel of the Claremore store in mid June. 
April 1st was our last printed weekly ad, due to the volatility of product availability, due to the pandemic. Customers were encouraged to sign up for our weekly email blasts to receive their digital copy of the ad. In May, we launched our partnership with DoorDash in all stores except for Tahlequah and Langley to offer our customers another delivery option. Deliveries can be made by purchasing your groceries through Reasors.com and selecting delivery at checkout. In September, we received the Certified Angus Beef® Top Sales Volume for Small Chains Retailer Award.
In February we launched Sally the salad making robot in three Reasor’s locations providing a fresher and safer way to get a salad in the midst of a pandemic.In April we added the option for EBT payment on our online platform. In August we updated the the look and feel of our website. This re-design also increased ease of use for the consumer. We completed the re-model of our 71st & Sheridan location in September. In the middle of October we solved the dilemma of “What’s for dinner?” by launching Recipe To Table, an innovative recipe to cart website that helps customers personalize and meal plan all with the click of a few buttons. November 1st Reasor’s LLC and Brookshire Grocery Co. (BGC) announced an agreement under which BGC will acquire Reasor’s 17 stores in Oklahoma. Reasor’s will be the newest banner of stores for the BGC family, which operates four other banners of stores including Brookshire’s, Super 1 Foods, FRESH by Brookshire’s and Spring Market in Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas.
January 26, Reasor’s joins Brookshire Grocery Company as their fifth banner.
September 11, we opened up the first Starbucks Cafe inside our Brookside location.