Wellness means a lot of different things to different people. For some, it may mean eating nutritious foods that are low in sugar, for others it could mean indulging yourself with relaxing self-care, and for some it may be finding the best items in the pharmacy to prevent illnesses. Whatever wellness goals you are trying to achieve; we will present items to help you Think WELL! Our January 1st ad will have a special two page insert that is promoting items throughout the store through January 28th. See the special insert here: Page 3 Page 4.

Beginning January 1st through the 14th, customers will be able to sample a wide range of healthy delicacies from all over the store from 11am-7pm. These samples will encompass multiple types of dietary concepts such as plant based, whole food, paleo, ketogenic and more.

Look for these special tags through the store to help you Think WELL with Reasor's this year.