Bernatello’s Foods Pizza Recall – 05/20/22

Bernatello’s Foods began the process of proactively removing several SKUs from retail shelves while investigating the quality of a pizza ingredient, from a single supplier.
Since doing so, the USDA (FSIS) in concert with Smithfield Foods has initiated a product recall involving bacon bits.

The following SKUs in Bernatello’s Foods product portfolio are sold at Reasor’s and were impacted by the Smithfield recall:

Pizza Description                                                   UPC

Roma Original Bacon Cheeseburger                  0-41581-00137-6
Brew Pub LM 4 Meat                                           0-42197-00205-4
Brew Pub LM Bacon Cheeseburger                    0-42197-00206-1
Brew Pub LM Breakfast                                        0-42197-00350-1
Brew Pub Micro 4 Meat                                         0-42197-00336-5

If customers or the media have specific questions about this recall and associated activity, please have them contact:
Smithfield Packaged Meats Corp.
Jim Monroe (757) 365-3559 [email protected]

Please return any affected products to your nearest Reasor’s for a full refund or exchange.