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Your host will love Ugly Sweater Wine….. Red Blend or White Blend they are both delish!   The White Blend contains aromas of stone fruit with overtones of green melon.  The palate is alive and fresh with flavors of pear. The Red Blend has aromas of plum, berry, and bright & tart cherries.  The palate is… Read more

Wine Stewards Blog | December 4th, 2018

On November 15th Reasor’s will celebrate the first wine of the harvest with the #1 Beaujolais Nouveau in America! Beaujolais Nouveau is a French tradition that celebrates the first wine of a new vintage. This fresh and fruity wine is bottled only a few weeks after harvest and is meant to be enjoyed immediately upon… Read more

Wine Stewards Blog | November 13th, 2018

Wine Myths

Posted on October 3rd, 2018

Boxed wine is cheap. Boxed wine is portable, durable and cheap, (not all boxed wine is cheap) which is why so many turn their noses up at it.  But any costs that are saved come from shipping and packaging, not from cuts made to the quality of the wine itself.  Benefits of boxed wine….. Extended… Read more

Wine Stewards Blog | October 3rd, 2018

The shape of any wine glass effects the taste of the wine.  Your tongue can distinguish five distinct tastes and your nose can differentiate between 10,000 different smells.  The speed and concentration that the aroma of wine is delivered to the nose and the way the wine spread on the tongue dramatically affects the drinker’s… Read more

Wine Stewards Blog | August 9th, 2018