Which is more important, the wine or the wine glass you drink it from?

Posted on August 9th, 2018

The shape of any wine glass effects the taste of the wine.  Your tongue can distinguish five distinct tastes and your nose can differentiate between 10,000 different smells.  The speed and concentration that the aroma of wine is delivered to the nose and the way the wine spread on the tongue dramatically affects the drinker’s enjoyment.  It is not a myth, it is pure science.

A couple of good tips……are to buy glasses that you can afford to break. And buy a glass roughly equal to the value of your bottle of wine.

Red Wines:

Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot/Bordeaux glass is typically considered the standard red wine glass.  It’s tall with a full size bowl that somewhat tapers at the top.  It is designed for full bodied, heavier red wines.  The height of the glass allows the wine to proceed directly to the back of the mouth to maximize its flavor.  Robust red wines do well in this tall, generous bowl as the size encourages oxidation and its straighter sides allow plenty of contact with air so the wine can breathe and develop.  A Bordeaux glass is the ultimate all-around glass, versatile enough for pretty much all styles of wine.  If you’re in need for just one type of wine glass, this is your go-to glass.

Pinot Noir/Burgundy glass is not quite as tall but have a much wider bowl and sometimes will tulip towards the rim.  The balloon-shaped glass is perfect for capturing the complex characteristics of a light or medium-bodied red wine.  It guides the wine to the tongue tip and allows plenty of space for swirling and sniffing.  While the narrow rim holds in and maximizes the aromas.

Syrah/Shiraz glass is smaller than most red wine glasses.  The rim sharply tapers inward from the bowl.  Which helps to bring out the fruit aromas first and tannins after.

Having your own red wine glass is just fun!!!


White Wines:

The Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc/Riesling glass has more of a U shaped bowl than a red wine glass to preserve aroma and maintain a cooler temperature.  Its straight sides and smaller opening hold in delicate, subtle aromas, such as floral and citrus notes.  The glass also has a long stem as it’s meant to be held so the person’s hand does not affect the wine’s temperature.

Something elegant about having your own white wine glass!!!!

Champagne/Prosecco glass are known as “flutes.”  A long tall flute with a low capacity is ideal, it allows you to watch the bubbles race from the bottom to the top.

Taking elegance and strength to the next level!!!!!

Let’s not forget ROSE’ drinkers…… you can use white wine glasses.  Narrower bowls are usually better, and a long stem will help maintain the cool temperature.  This design brings out the fruity aromas of the wine.

The base – This part needed to keep the wine glass standing

The stem – This is the part you hold, and it connects the base and the bowl.

The bowl – This is the part that holds the wine.   Aim to fill the glass around one third or to where the bowl is at its widest – to maximize the wine’s contact with the air.

Each of these parts will vary, but the shape and size of the bowl is the most crucial factor.