Wine Myths

Posted on October 3rd, 2018

Boxed wine is cheap.

Boxed wine is portable, durable and cheap, (not all boxed wine is cheap) which is why so many turn their noses up at it.  But any costs that are saved come from shipping and packaging, not from cuts made to the quality of the wine itself.  Benefits of boxed wine….. Extended freshness.  The airtight bags used in boxed wines keep oxygen sealed out, allowing wine to stay fresh up to six weeks after opening.

All wine gets better with age.

90 percent of all wine produced in the world is meant to be consumed within a year or two from when it’s made, and many wine enthusiasts prefer wine when it’s young and fresh.

Twist-Off Caps vs. Cork Caps

Screw-Caps have actually been proven to perform better than corks in protecting wine from harmful oxidation.  Corks are made from natural elements…… if you ever get a bad cork in a bottle of wine, It’s called “Corked” it has a smell and taste of damp, soggy, wet or rotten cardboard.  Twist offs have been used since the 1950’s.  Benefit…. No wine bottle opener needed!!!

More expensive the wine, the better it tastes.

There have been plenty of taste tastings done…… it has never been proven.  It’s all about what your preference is.

Sweet wines are for Amateurs.

Some of the most prized wines in the world, land on the sweeter side.  One of the greatest joys in life is relaxing with a glass of dessert wine after a meal, and no one should be bullied into denying themselves that!  It’s always good to start with a sweeter wine when you are first starting to try wines….. dry and bitter wines at first can turn you away from starting to learn about wine and all the different varietals.

Champagne can only be enjoyed on special occasions.

It pairs perfectly with vegetables and seafood and is considered one the more versatile wines for drinking with food.  And you don’t have to break the bank to drink like a celebrity – there are plenty of quality sparkling wines that can be purchased in the $10-20 range.  Prosecco has become very popular. Consumers associate this sparkling with Italian style an affordable luxury!!!  So have a glass of Bubbly anytime!!!!