Hillshire Bistro Bites 2.8 oz

Enjoy a grown up take on snack time with Hillshire Snacking Bistro Bites Wine Infused Salami, White Cheddar Cheese and Salted Almonds. With this fancy snack pack, flavorful wine infused salami, delectable white cheddar cheese and a portion of salted almonds come together to deliver a premium snacking experience. Ready to eat and perfectly portioned in a single serve pack for snacking on the go, these Bistro Bites provide 16 grams of protein per serving. For a tasty snack, tear open a package and enjoy. Includes one 2.8 oz package of Bistro Bites wine infused salami, white cheddar cheese and salted almonds. Make every day just a little bit fancy with Hillshire Snacking. We are big believers in a little thing called snack time. To us snacking is not about rushing or mindless eating, but about turning a few stolen moments into an elevated celebration worth savoring. We are here to turn snacking into an occasion, and you are invited.