Johnsonville Meatballs, Three Cheese Italian Style 24 oz

A perfect blend of romano, mozzarella and cheddar cheeses. Zip Pak resealable packaging. 28 approximately. Fully-cooked. 40% larger meatballs than the leading competitor. BHA, propyl gallate and citric acid added to help protect flavor. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Premium cuts of meat: No artificial flavors or colors. The pride of Johnsonville: Since 1945, we've taken great care and pride in making our products. We hope that you and your family appreciate and enjoy the delicious taste that comes from using only premium cuts of meat and the perfect blend of spices and seasonings. Premium cuts of meat. No artificial flavors or colors. All real ingredients, no MSG added (Except for the small amount naturally occurring in the hydrolyzed whey protein). Johnsonville's Meatballs are 24 g vs. the leading competitor's 14 g meatball. Ready for Recipes: Add frozen or thawed meatballs directly form the packaging to your recipe - no need to brown separately. Add to sauce, pastas, pizzas and soups. Heat through. Check out for more delicious recipes.