Organicgirl Washed Green Onions

Organicgirl Washed Green Onions. Good clean veggies. Crisp & flavorful. We washed it 2 times so you don't have to. USDA Organic. What's Organicgirl all about Good clean veggies. Organic food that is fresher and higher quality, and a desire to create a whole new generation of food that is better than today's organics. We chose our name because it captures what we are full of youthful energy, excitement and promise. The feeling that organics as we know them today are only the beginning, and that anything is possible. Check out our website: there's a lot of detail about what we're doing to give you better organic food. We have it on good authority that Mother Nature is an Organicgirl & we hope you'll become an Organicgirl too! We use no preservatives. Empty shelf alert! What to do in the event that your favorite Organicgirl product isn't on the shelf when you go shopping. Be happy! We're so committed to quality that we won't send it to the store if the product quality isn't superior. We know you don't want less than the best and freshest produce possible-neither do we. Be adventurous! Try another Organicgirl product. If it's on the shelf, you know it meets the very highest standard of quality there is-it's Organicgirl! Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. ©2007 Organicgirl.