Reasor’s Hatch Chile Fest

They’re here! Hatch Chile Peppers, straight from Hatch Valley, New Mexico are available at all of your favorite Reasor’s locations. What’s the big deal, you ask? Well, these aren’t just any peppers. The valley’s unique soil, hot days and cool nights give the peppers a unique flavor profile and texture. These peppers have a subtly sweet, but spicy, crisp and smokey flavor unlike any other pepper you will have. They are planted in April and harvested in August, and are available for a very short window of time. That’s why we sell them by the pound and the case! You’re gonna want to buy the case, have it roasted for free, and freeze to use throughout the year. If you’re as Hatch-obsessed as we are, check out our Month Long Ad for more Hatch products!

We call it Hatch Chile Fest for a reason, it’s a celebration of a season, a festival if you will. And we are celebrating in a big way. You’re going to find Hatch Chile products in every department of the store. As well as roasting events at select locations and online ordering available! So come celebrate the Hatch, New Mexico way!

Nothing is better than freshly roasted Hatch Chiles in a homemade salsa or in a recipe. When you buy a case of Hatch Chiles, we will roast them for FREE!

2023 Roasting Schedule

Saturday, August 5th | 10 am to 4 pm | Owasso Hwy 169 and 81st St N
Saturday, August 12th | 10 am to 4 pm | Broken Arrow
Saturday, August 19th | 10 am to 4 pm | Bixby
Saturday, August 26th | 10 am to 4 pm | Brookside
The Hatch Pepper is very versatile and can be included in many everyday recipes for a little extra pizazz and burst of flavor. Here are some great recipes that will bring some variety and spice to your table!
Hatch Green Chile Mac and CheeseHatch Green Chile RellenosMasa Corn TortillasSouthwestern Chicken and Cheese PaniniHatch Green Chile Breakfast SandwichHatch Green Chile CornbreadCheck out more Hatch Chile Recipes here!
But now that they’re roasted, what do you do with all of these peppers?! Well, freeze them of course! Watch this video to find out how!
Looking for some New and unique items in each of our departments? Well look no further. Hatch Chile Fest will be in abundance this year only at Reasor's.
Hatch Chile Danish
Hatch Chile Cornbread
Hatch Chile & Cheddar Bread
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Portion Marinated with Hatch Chile Marinade
Henning’s Hatch Chile Cheddar Cheese
Hatch Chile Pulled Pork
Hatch Chile Seven Layer Dip
Hatch Chile Turkey Breast Roasted In-House
Hatch Quesadillas
Crunchy Hatch Chicken Roll
Hatch Chile Marinated Chicken Breast
Hatch Chile Marinated Top Sirloin Steak or Flank Steak
Artisan Chicken or Beef Fajitas with Hatch Chiles and Sliced Vegetables
Hatch Chile Seasoned Burgers
Chicken or Beef Kabobs with Hatch Chile Peppers
Hatch Chile Seasoned Sliced Bacon
Reasor’s Fresh & Healthy Hatch Chile Fajita Kit
Reasor’s Fresh & Healthy Hatch Chile Kabob Kit
Mild Hatch Chile Peppers (sold by the lb. or by the case)
Hot Hatch Chile Peppers (sold by the lb. or by the case)
Extra Hot Hatch Chile Peppers (sold by the lb. or by the case)