Kona Brewing Co 6 Pack Island Lager Longboard Beer 6 ea

The beach where it began. Longboards have been a constant feature at Waikiki Beach for over 90 years. The great Duke Kahanamoku, father of modern surfing, paddled his hand-shaped, wooden board - a whopping 16 feet long and weighing 114 pounds - out into the surf to ride the waves off Waikiki. This behemoth was dubbed a Longboard and the ancient Polynesian sport of surfing was reborn. Today, in the shadow of Diamond Head, Waikiki Beach is still the spot to learn the tradition of Longboard surfing. Here you can catch set after set of rolling waves until the sun fades below the horizon, and then it's time for a beer! Thirst's up! Kona Brewing Co. pays tribute to the big board of surfing and this famous Hawaiian beach with our refreshing Longboard Island Lager. This crisp, pale gold lager is made with premium pale malt and aromatic hops brewed in a traditional lager style. Like the last wave of the day at your favorite surf break, Longboard is a smooth and easy going brew that you can enjoy time and time again. Thirst's up! KonaBrewingCo.com. Mahalo for recycling. 4.6% Alc. by Vol. 9.12 Brewed and bottled by Kona Brewing Co., Fort Collins, Co, for Kona Brewing Co., Kona, HI.