Samuel Adams Beer, Winter Lager, Seasonal 6 ea

Rotating seasonal series from Sam Adams! Beer flavors change every season and may differ from image shown. Please call your local store to verify which Samuel Adams seasonal releases are currently available. (AUG - OCT) OCTOBERFEST: Smooth with a roasty-sweetness. A traditional style Oktoberfest beer with light hop character. 5.3% ABV. (NOV - DEC) WINTER LAGER: Festive and smooth bock beer with spices of cinnamon and ginger, with orange peel and clementine. 5.6% ABV. (JAN - MAR) COLD SNAP: Unfiltered white ale made with a blend of fruits, spices, and florals. Bright orange notes and a touch of vanilla add smooth, subtle sweetness. 5.3% ABV. (APR - AUG) SUMMER ALE: Light and refreshing, our American wheat ale has a citrus blend of orange, lime, and lemon peels and a subtle grains of paradise spice. 5.3% ABV.