Bota Box Pinot Grigio, California 3 ea

Award winning wines that are eco-friendly and portable. So Much to Love: We're all about the unapologetic pursuit of good times, everywhere. Forget tradition and appearances - what matters most is enjoying the moment with the people you love. And having great wine to pour for them. Open up eco-friendly and award-winning wines that go where the good times go. Top of the Podium: Bota Box consistently over delivers on quality and continues to rake in the awards. Taste for yourself. Stays Fresh: No light. No air. Just delicious wine. Bota Box keeps the elements out and the wine fresh for up to 30 days after opening. No corkscrew, no problem. Compact, portable, and shatter-proof, Bota Box lets you enjoy premium wine without the corkscrew. Great Taste All Around: Bota Box Pinot Grigio is fresh, fruity, and juicy. It delivers medium-bodied flavors of white peaches and citrus, with a clean, refreshing finish laced with pineapple and floral notes. FSC: Recycled - Packaging made from recycled material. The original environmentally-friendly box. Please recycle - The outer box is 100% recyclable packaging. Recycle Your Bota Box Like A Pro: Pop the top and pull out the bag and spout. Go ahead, enjoy that last glass! Toss the empty bag in your trash. Flatten the box and show off your recycling skills.