Lactose Free Milk

Vitamin D milk. Grade A. Homogenized. Ultra pasteurized. Excellent source of calcium. Good source of protein. Farmer owned. Real milk without the worry of lactose intolerance. Farmer-owned Hiland Dairy has provided the freshest, highest quality dairy products and beverages for over 70 years. Considering a variety of dietary needs, Hiland Lactose Free Milk is real milk, just without the lactose. Our Lactose Free Milk is made with only the freshest ingredients and provides the same nine essential nutrients as regular milk. Great tasting and easy to digest! Our Vitamin D Milk is 100% Lactose Free and looks and tastes just like regular milk! We use only natural enzymes to break down lactose into easier to digest sugars, so you can still enjoy drinking milk or cooking with it in all of your family's favorite recipes without causing stomach discomfort or digestive problems. 100% real milk, just without the lactose. Excellent source of calcium and vitamin D. Good source of protein. Our farm families work hard every day caring for their animals and the land so that we can bring you fresh, great-tasting, wholesome and nutritious dairy products. Our commitment to delivering quality products to your family begins with a pledge from our farm families not to treat their cows with artificial growth hormones. You can take comfort in knowing the milk that comes from our farms is produced with integrity and care. Pure-Pak.