Hershey's Pudding, Cookie 'N' Creme 15.5 oz

Hershey's Cookies 'N' Creme Pudding Cups are convenient, ready-to-eat pudding snacks perfect for satisfying your afternoon sweet tooth or as a sweet treat in a school lunch. Delicious and sweet, this cookies and cream pudding delivers a great taste that embodies Hershey's vanilla beans and milk plus the flavor of chocolate cookies. Relax and enjoy this decadently delicious cookies and cream pudding pack whenever a craving strikes. Packaged in individual serving pudding cups for portability, this ready-to-eat pudding is a perfect on-the-go treat or sweet snack that everybody will enjoy. Add a little whipped cream topping for an extra indulgent treat. Refrigerate the four individual snacks in this 15.5 ounce package.