Dannon Yogurt, Low Fat, Vanilla 32 oz

Treat yourself to the silky smooth texture and creamy taste of Dannon Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt. This gluten-free lowfat yogurt combines a velvety consistency with the rich flavor of vanilla for a satisfying mouthful. Made with quality ingredients, Dannon Lowfat Yogurt not only tastes great but provides you with protein and calcium as well. And with an entire quart, there’s plenty to share with the family or use in recipes. Add it to your favorite baking recipes for a flavorful boost, or layer it with berries and granola to create a delicious breakfast parfait. Yogurt is not just delicious and fun to eat; it offers important nutrients, too! Now, with over 75 years of experience in selecting the cultures that give our yogurt its great taste, we are more confident than ever in our wide selection of products.