Kahiki Egg Rolls, Pork 4 ea

Tender sliced pork, cabbage, carrots and green onion in a crispy egg roll wrapper. + 2 sauces! Spice mango sauce; Sweet & sour sauce. Individually wrapped. No preservatives. No MSG added (Except for small amount naturally occurring in soy sauce and yeast extract.). 100% natural (No artificial ingredients, minimally processed) ingredients. No artificial flavors. Inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Individually wrapped. Though egg rolls are more American than Chinese, the amount of pork consumed - and produced - in China is greater than in the US! We think they would approve of our pork-filled, crispy egg rolls. Variations exist throughout the world, such as the Kolkata Egg Roll in India (or Kati Roll), containing a fried egg and meat wrapped inside a paratha. Did you know? The Kahiki Supper Club was so famous, celebrities would fly in from all over to chomp on our crunchy egg rolls, dubbing them Rockin' Rolls! Recyclable carton. Did we stir your senses? Questions/Comments: Kahiki.com or 1-855-Kahiki-0 (1-855-524-4540). Stir up something different every day. Kahiki serves up appetizers, entrees and everything in between. Try them all and stir things up. Get recipes, meal ideas and the lineup lowdown. Kahiki.com. Stir your senses. Instagram. Pinterest. Facebook. Made in the USA.