Pre-sliced. 0 Grams trans fat. In 1920, the Penn family moved their small bakery from New York to Cleveland, Ohio. They specialized in baking European style hearth baked breads. Over time, the family developed a delicious frozen garlic bread as well as the Original Texas Garlic Toast. New York quickly became America's favorite frozen garlic bread brand. Now, New York is proud to introduce our newest winner - Pre-sliced Garlic Bread, offering superior taste and convenience. We start with two loaves of French bread, which are pre-cut into individual slices. A delicious spread of fresh crushed garlic, butter, margarine and parsley is generously applied to each slice. then the two loaves are individually wrapped to capture all the rich flavor and natural goodness. Look for our other great New York brand products in the freezer section of your supermarket. New York Brand Pre-Sliced Bread is a great complement to countless eating occasions, from a formal traditional meal to a quick snack. Nothing goes better with your favorite pasta or Italian dinner than our delicious pre-sliced garlic bread. Or add our Pre-Sliced Garlic Bread to a soup or salad to complete your meal. Preparing steaks, chicken or fish on the grill? Serve them with New York Brand Pre-Sliced Garlic Bread for a perfect meal. Or try Pre-Sliced Garlic Bread with your favorite chili or ribs. New York Brand Pre-Sliced bread combines convenience with exceptional taste, making each meal special. Made in USA.