Halo Top Ice Cream, Light, Strawberry Flavored 1 pt

Halo Top Strawberry Light Ice Cream lets you treat yourself to a brightly flavored classic while you pursue your path to wellness. There’s nothing basic about this pint of strawberry flavored light ice cream. Ultrafiltered skim milk, strawberries and other high-quality ingredients come together to create a creamy, light ice cream pint that actually tastes like ice cream. While you prioritize your wellness, love yourself more this fall with this protein-packed frozen dessert that contains 57% fewer calories and 86% less fat per serving compared to leading ice creams. A delicious Kosher and gluten free snack, this sweet treat is a great way to reward yourself for completing goals or to treat your friends after a fall football game. You can also use this strawberry light ice cream to make frozen ice cream treats, like ice cream sandwiches or ice cream sundaes, for a sweet pick-me-up after a day of playing in the autumn leaves. Halo Top light ice cream comes in an easy to store, resealable package, so you can keep it until you’re ready to enjoy a classic frozen treat with a modern twist.